Freedom Project takes great pride in the level of training that we offer to new and seasoned volunteers.

Freedom Project Trainings (see Calendar for specific dates): 

*  Volunteer Information Night: Second Wednesday, 6-8 pm
*  Anti Oppression Mass Incarceration Workshop: Second Saturday, 10 am-2:30 pm
*  Introduction to NVC: Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-4 pm both days (offered every other month)
*  Facilitation Training: Saturday, 10 am-4 pm (offered quarterly)

Other Recommended Trainings:

*  Find more local NVC trainings:  NW Compass
*  Find national and international NVC trainings: Center for Nonviolent Communication

Ways for Prison Volunteers to Connect

We have volunteers working in prisons all around Washington State! Prison volunteers can connect directly and share resources here. If you are a prison volunteer, please request access from the Prison Programs Director.

Volunteer Handbook and Forms

*  Volunteer Handbook
*  Volunteer Application:  http://bit.ly/FPVolunteerApplication
*  Annual Training Report: http://bit.ly/FPReportTraining
*  Volunteer Hours Report: http://bit.ly/ReportFPHours
*  Proposals for New Programs:http://bit.ly/FPProgramRequest
*  Concerning Incident Report: http://bit.ly/FPConcerningIncidents