How We See People

How do we see people? How do we see ourselves? Whether we are overvalued or undervalued by society, the ways that we see and are seen are influenced by multiple systems, histories, experiences and institutions.

Our work is to dismantle the stigma of mass incarceration. Therefore, we look at the origins and impacts of implicit bias, internalized oppression, prejudice, fear or discrimination towards people with conviction histories. We need to examine the systems that work to keep us from seeing the humanity in other people – and in ourselves. 

Throughout the year, we offer “How We See People,” to explores the lenses we see through and where they come from. This workshop examines the systems and institutions that shape the ways we see ourselves and others.

Through practice, experience and discussion, we will:

  • Develop a basic anti-oppression framework, especially useful for people who work in prison, with people in reentry, or in nonprofits.
  • Learn and practice specific skills that help us navigate identity and power, whether we are overvalued or undervalued.
  • Discuss how these skills translate to our work and influence how we see people
  • Understand the roots of racism and mass incarceration and how they intersect with other forms of oppression.

By creating a shared understanding of the many systems influencing how we see each other, we can be more skillful in the ways we navigate the system of oppression that exist all around us all the time – that might be obvious to some and invisible to others.