Living Racial Equity Values

Polishing our racial equity lens in ongoing work. The more we do the work, the more we build the strength, resilience and capacity to keep examining our biases, deepening our awareness, and showing up in ways that reduce harm and increase connection. Whether we are overvalued or undervalued by the systems around us, we’ve all got work to do to as we take our awareness of our social identities into our work and life.

Starting in 2020, Freedom Project offers “How We Show Up” – an ongoing series of community-building workshops that support us in seeing how we might impact or be impacted by others. We will rotate through different topics that help us identify racial equity and anti-oppression values as they show up in our daily life. Some of the key components we will cover include:

  • A deeper dive into the practice of the anti-oppression skills that we learned in “How We See People”.
  • The importance of understanding the difference between our intentions and our impact.
  • The many-layered nuances of how to give and receive feedback when impact happens.
  • Unpacking what it means to practice allyship.
  • Understanding the value of creating spaces outside of the gaze of white dominant culture.

Each session will include a chance for folks to process what they are learning and what’s coming up in groups according to social identities like race or whether or not you have ever been incarcerated.