Why Volunteer

Volunteers make a significant impact in the work we do inside and outside the institutions. As a Freedom Project Volunteer, you join an active community that is intentional about its values to:

  • Deepen our personal, organizational and systemic racial equity work
  • Understand oppression and how it shows up in our lives
  • Learn ways to connect to ourselves and others
  • Contribute to creating systems change and mitigate the impact of mass incarceration
  • Be the change we want to see: help create a culture shift from punishment to connection and community healing.

As an active Freedom Project Volunteer, you are supported with:

  • Free trainings in racial equity and anti-oppression
  • Ongoing race-based caucus and community circles
  • Free trainings in Nonviolent Communication with a racial equity / social justice lens
  • Free trainings in trauma-informed facilitation
  • Trainings that deepen your understanding of mass incarceration and other social justice issues
  • Access to volumes of training materials and curriculum in mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication
  • A team committed to your success, in which ever way you want to contribute