Freedom Project works alongside the community to dismantle systems of oppression and heal from the traumatic effects on people who are targeted and impacted by incarceration, on their loved ones, and on our community.

As a community-centered and culturally-responsive organization, we come from, are in, and are directed by the community we seek to serve – Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color who have been impacted by mass incarceration. We create space for collective healing and liberation by seeing each other for our humanity, meeting needs as defined by individuals and by the community, and amplifying the power that already exists among us. the institution of mass incarceration and heal its traumatic effects on individuals directly impacted by incarceration, on their loved ones, and on our community.


Together we shift from punishment to restoration, from oppression to equity, and from apathy to empathy. 


Freedom Project seeks to partner with individuals and communities to identify and remove barriers to these values.

Accountability   We take responsibility for our impact regardless of our intention and seek to be transparent with ourselves and the community.

Connection  Freedom Project embraces authentic relationships, with self and with others, being mindful of the impact we carry from society and systems of oppression.  

Empathy  Through connecting with the essential humanity and value within ourselves and others, Freedom Project believes in the power of empathy as a healing force.

Equity  We value community in which the quality of life, access to resources, and levels of acceptance and contribution are no longer determined by our labels and identities – such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or whether or not we have been incarcerated.