Raising Funds for Emergency Community Needs

Before the pandemic, our community was already experiencing housing instability and employment insecurity. The pandemic has made a difficult situation worse.  

Financial support for our community is needed now more than ever. People are being laid off, shelters and transitional houses are being closed, household bills are not going away — and they will be waiting after the pandemic. 

Our response includes increasing housing resources and offering emergency financial relief to cover the costs of food, shelter, utility bills, phone bills, gas, laundry, diapers, clothing, personal hygiene items, etc.

Problems like these are best solved in community and not in silos. If you can help in these areas, please lend your support. If you see other needs that we don’t, please let us know. If you know of others doing work that need support, let us know that too.

Thank you!

We are all in this together.