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How We See People: Anti-Oppression / Mass Incarceration Workshop

How do we see people?  What’s the impact on others? What lenses do we see through and where do these lenses come from?  How are *we* seen? Whether we are overvalued or undervalued by society, the ways that we are seen are influenced by multiple systems, histories, experiences and institutions. This workshop seeks to explain the systems and institutions that shape the ways we see ourselves and others so that we can be more accountable for the impacts:  internalized racial superiority, internalized racial inferiority, prejudice, fear and discrimination towards folks with conviction histories.

Through practice, experience and discussion, we will develop a basic anti-oppression framework, especially useful for people who want to work in prison, work with people in reentry, or who work in nonprofits. We will also discuss the roots of racism and mass incarceration and how they intersect with other forms of oppression.  We believe that a successful social movement needs collaboration between folks working to break down oppressive systems from the inside and the outside.  This workshop is part of the work we do on the outside to understand why people are incarcerated; examine our implicit biases about race, gender, power and violence; and practice making empowered choices about how we see people.

This workshop is offered free of charge; lunch is provided.
Second Saturdays, 10 AM to 2:30 PM, Freedom Project Office
RSVP is helpful but not required.

Re-entry (Re)Call

Re-entry (Re)Call is a weekly phone support circle just for folks who have experienced incarceration, to support each other navigating the hurdles of re-entry.  Some people join the call in their first few days after release, some have been out for a while and understand what people are going through. We share resources, networks and give and receive emotional and community support.
Every Friday from 6:00-7:00 PM
JOIN BY PHONE:  1-669-900-6833 (ID# 521 687 912)

Seasonal Community Potluck Dinners

In the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, we get together for informal community gatherings centered on some sort of seasonal theme. See the Event Calendar for more information on what’s coming up next.

Monthly Workshops

Almost every month, usually on the first weekend of the month, we offer a Saturday-Sunday workshop.  We rotate topics:  Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Racial Equity, Facilitation, and Understanding Trauma. These are opportunities for volunteer training, community learning and connection.  See the Event Calendar for more information on what’s coming up next.