There is only one way to welcome someone home… with empathy, compassion and, at the very least, helping them get their most basic needs met.

A SAGE Antioch study has shown that 30 hours of our trainings and workshops reduces reincarceration among those who participate by 43% and saves the State of Washington $5 million a year. In an effort to do more, we have made a commitment to walk with people as they transition out and offer much-needed community support every step of the way. Contact us for more information, to collaborate, or to seek support:

  • Reentry (Re)Call- Weekly phone support circle just for folks who have been formally incarcerated, whether it’s been a few days since release or a few years. Call in to get connected to resources or to just get support from those who have the same lived experience.
  • Safe Return Allies (contact Rusty Thomas)
  • Employment Referral Program (contact Rusty Thomas or David Heppard)
  • Resource Network (contact Rusty Thomas or David Heppard)
  • Affiliate Facilitators Program (contact David Heppard)
  • Toastmasters for Reentry (contact David Heppard)