Credible Allies Program

The Credible Allies Program is a specific Safe Return Reentry collaboration between Freedom Project and Credible Messengers to provide support for Black, Indigenous and Latinx who are dealing with the impact of involvement with the legal system. The Credible Allies collaboration currently provides support in the Puget Sound area:

  • Personal One-on-One Support:
    • Allies engage where and when needed – from meeting folks at the gate, walking with them through their first 72 hours of release, and supporting them for 3-6 months post-release
    • Resource navigation support to bring people to resources like housing contacts, CCO appointments, court appointments, DSHS, provide rides, and offer emotional support while actively navigating systems
  • A Resource Manager helps folks connect to resources like housing, employment, transportation from the gates, clothing, bus pass, driver’s licenses, social security cards, legal support, medical and health care, DSHS, with CCOs and DOC.
  • Group Mentoring
    • Reentry (Re)Call is a weekly phone support circle just for folks who have been formally incarcerated, whether it’s been a few days since release or a few years. People call in to get connected to resources or to just get support from those who have the same lived experience.
    • The first ever Toastmasters for reentry, Inside Out Toastmasters
    • REAL Sessions (Reentry at Length) Peer Group Mentoring
  • Workshops in self-empathy, anti-oppression, compassionate communication, mentor training