Freedom Project Team, all together!

Some of the members of the Freedom Project team, at a staff gathering in our office in Renton, WA. In November, 2020, we needed to relocate from our tiny office in Seattle. We found a space that we immediately loved, a 5,000 square foot office building, that used to be the 1924 Old Renton City Hall! It was a lot more than we needed at the time, but we took the leap and secured the lease. Today, four community organizations have their offices here, and many groups share the space for workshops and meetings. 

It’s hard to get so many busy people together in one place at the same time! The team gathered here (from left to right) is Eugene, Orlando, Tonya, David, Israel, Andres, Felicia, Champion, Clorissa, Lauren, and Franklyn. Not pictured are Aretha, Demarques, Dyneeca, Jeremiah, Jermal, Jermaine, Joanie, Karen C,  Karen T, Kewee, Kiki, Tony, Qudaffi, and Yolanda.