What I’ve Learned: Yarrow

by Yarrow Durbin, Freedom Project Volunteer

“A member of our class spoke up in response to an essay on freedom to say: I am in for life, with no parole. I’m never getting out. I’ve been in since I was 15. I spent the first 15 years in the hole and getting in trouble. And then a very important person pointed out that I still had a life to live and I could choose whether it was valuable or not.

So I decided to be helpful to others, to build community – and I’ve found that freedom is about what’s in your mind and heart, not where you body is. So now I am focused on how to deepen that freedom and help others find it.

The group was riveted and moved by his eloquence and sincerity. His words made a huge impact on the class members (including me) and they told him so, which he said encourage him and helped him feel he was making an important contribution to others, which is important to him.”


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