Dreams for 2018

In 2017, we have seen many great successes and much growth…

  • Brought programs to 3 new facilities
  • Offered 463 inside program hours led by facilitators who are currently incarcerated
  • Supported over 12,708 participation hours in 7 facilities and 3 cities in Washington

 But one thing keeps bothering us.  As of October 2017, we average:

  • 9 programs per week in men’s prisons
  • 0 programs per week in women’s prisons.

In 2018, we want to change this.

. . . .


Our goal is to build classes and workshops that respond to the needs, experiences and stories of incarcerated women. Women are the fastest growing prison population, growing at a rate 50 times faster than men. And women’s prisons are just as under-resourced, if not more so, than men’s prisons.

  • 86% of incarcerated women are themselves victims of sexual, domestic or partner abuse.
  • Nearly 80% of women inside are mothers.
  • 82% of women in jail are incarcerated for non-violent offenses.

When we look at these statistics, it becomes clear that we need to recommit to the women inside.


. . . .


In July we did a 2-day test workshop at Washington Correctional Center for Women, called “Claiming and Speaking our Feelings and Needs.” This is what we learned.

And this:

. . . . 

Will you join a Circle of Support and recommit to the folks inside?  We are raising $30,000 to expand our prison programs, especially for women, and to expand our re-entry support serviced for men AND women.

Please consider a recurring monthly gift.  If 150 people gave just $10 a month for a year, we would raise $18,000.  Any amount matters, all gifts are welcome.

We have a special matching grant to encourage monthly donations. Commit to a 12-month recurring gift, and your monthly gift will be doubled!

Please make your gift today. 

We will report back to you the outputs and outcomes of our programs at WCCW. We will share highlights from participants and volunteers, as well as measurements of success and mistakes and learnings.

With great gratitude for the work we do together!