Overflow enrollment for workshop at women’s prison in Gig Harbor

ResReaderIn Gig Harbor, 40 participants showed up on April 11 at the Washington Corrections Center for Women for a one-day Nonviolent Communication workshop which was focused on empathy. Unfortunately only the first 25 women to arrive were able to participate, due to room capacity. Sura, a Freedom Project sponsor (pictured at left), led the workshop with the assistance of Maria, who has volunteered at the men’s prison in Monroe, and Lisa, a potential new Freedom Project volunteer.

This day-long program made a big impact on the women who participated. As one of them commented,

“This program brought an amazing sense of self-awareness that I will take with me, really giving me tools of understanding to be aware of what’s going on inside me, as well as around me.”

Another woman mentioned that she had learned,

“new things to teach my 10 year-old niece back home.”

A third woman added,

“It helped me realize that I do still have empathy for others. After being incarcerated and around women who are difficult at times, I thought I was losing my compassion and empathy.”


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