Monthly SnapShot of Programs

FP-Logo-Newsletter.jpgby Sue McCarthy, Director of Programming
So much is happening at Freedom Project–both inside prison and in the community. To share these exciting developments, we are distributing a monthly electronic SnapShot, which aggregates all Freedom Project announcements and new developments in one place.

Monthly announcements

To avoid a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), we will send a SnapShot  email each month with links to what’s been posted. Hopefully this makes it easier to keep informed and stay connected to the work we do.

Celebrate moments of connection

This work couldn’t happen without the contributions from all our volunteers, so let’s take time each month to celebrate how, working together, we are making a difference. Celebrations and announcements of volunteer opportunities will be posted, as we learn about them, in the blog on the Freedom Project website. If you read a blog post that touches your heart, leave a “comment,” click the “like” button or “tweet” about it among your followers. That’s how you can share with others the impact that Freedom Project programs are making in each of our daily lives.

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