Lessons Learned in Prison

In this month’s Clutch Magazine, a young woman describes the lessons she learned while volunteering in prison. Freedom Project volunteers share their lessons learned by volunteering as well:

Before I volunteered in prison, I was scared of the prisoners…But after meeting them and doing classes with them, I realized that they are just as human as any of us; that they happened to make mistakes that were prohibited by law and they got caught. ~Vishaka Smith

Acceptance. My … experience volunteering in prison was a meaningful reminder for me to remain open and “accept” others for where ever they are in their life’s journey. ~Pamela TaylorSouth

I’ve felt inspired by the inmates’ eagerness to learn, and their willingness to share what they know–which is impressive. ~Roger Chapanis

From volunteering in prison, I have learned to not judge people based upon my preconceptions, i.e. just because someone’s in prison, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t nice, aren’t interested in learning, aren’t worth my time and efforts and the time and efforts of society in general. I have learned that one act does not define who we are. ~ Felicia Staub

You can read the Clutch article here.

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