Kathleen Macferran Shares NVC Essentials in Professional Development Workshop

“A great intro to NVC principles and practices,” commented one of the 15 prison volunteers and staff who attended Freedom Project’s professional development workshop on Friday, June 6. “The entire class dramatically improved my understanding,” wrote another. A third person added, “It was a fantastic day and I am so pleased to have been a part of it.”

Asked which parts of the workshop were most useful, one participant mentioned the feelings and needs card game, which “was extremely helpful at focusing our feedback (on) connection and self-connection.” Another commented on the role play which “allowed me to witness NVC in process, providing a platform to model.”

Wendy-KathleenKathleen Macferran facilitated the day-long “Sharing NVC Essentials” workshop. Notably everyone who responded to our request for feedback indicated that they found the seminar useful, would recommend this program to others and would like to attend other Freedom Project professional development programs.

One enthusiastic participant summed up his experience with the following assessment, “The intensity of everyone present, and the ease and fluidity of Kathleen’s facilitating made an 11-hour day (including the 2-hour drive in) seem more like 3 or 4.”

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey. We look forward to our next program “Sharing Mindfulness Essentials,” with Prison Mindfulness Institute-certified facilitator Yarrow Durbin which will be offered in late summer 2014. Watch for further announcements, including the date and additional details.

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