Can internalized racial oppression find a way to heal?

Freedom Project invites you to awaken your thoughts towards a world free of racial oppression!


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As the White racial frame has the power and privilege (backed by centuries of institutions, politics, and culture) to center the American narrative on itself, it sets the standard by which all other cultures and people are valued. This creates the conditions for “internalized racial oppression,” which is when People of Color, affected by this “normal,” accept the racial hierarchy of White superiority and replicate, whether consciously or unconsciously, the racist attitudes/practices that oppress themselves and other communities of color. We believe it is crucial to address the deep wounds of racial oppression. Freedom Project seeks to carry out the mission of reconciling people and communities impacted by violence, by sponsoring this workshop as part of its continuing commitment to allyship.

Freedom Project is honored to have Toi Sing Woo and Regent Brown co-facilitate this day-long workshop which aims to raise awareness and explore racial healing.

When: 10 am -4 pm Saturday, October 17, 2015
Where: Freedom Project, 4759 15th Ave NE, Suite 301, Seattle, WA 98105

RSVP: Call 206-325-5678 or Email

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